Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas, almost.

Making some progress on the murals in the house, about 3/4 of the house is at about this sort of stage. Still working on the overalls thing, though. Can't seem to put into words just what I love about them. But patience and working a thing over and over until it's just right is part of it, so Niels, I hope you can wait a little longer, if you still want a piece for your book about the beautility of overalls.


Anonymous said...


This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use some of the information from your blog post right above if I give a link back to this website?


Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome to use any of the information or images, James, link if you would like to, but it's not required at all. Thank you for your comment.

niels said...

and from me, great to see you again, yes, patience and keep working on stuff is the thing, and I have not made much progress in overalls book, but more in getting in contacts with other wonderful overalls people ! so yes, I'm still interested ! overall greetings from Niels, currently in San Francisco