Monday, April 1, 2013

This is the piece of debris-art in the show.

It didn't sell, was disassembled and is being overhauled for another show.

The other piece I made sold, but it had the advantage of looking like something identifiable and had cool sunglasses, so I think it had a little bit of an advantage. I believe at present the fish, Mr. Fish, is hanging around in a tavern. This seems appropriate.

So, the Clean Rivers organization got 42.50 and so did I, I met some very nice and interesting people, got to root through stuff on the banks of the river, wearing my overalls on a beautiful day. And I have a name-tag proving that I am an artist and not just some layabout with odd ideas and no desire to work a regular job.

I felt quite validated, all around.

Thank you to Patrick F Smith for the photograph.